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Documentary films

2022 TRAILER I covered the days of the war in Libya as a photographer and used to have a small video camera with me that served as a diary. 10 years later I found these videotapes again. This 46-minute documentary represents a vivid account of those terrible days, I realize only now that this material offers feelings that the photos and articles I published at the time could hardly give. #warzone #war #libya #libyawar
The story of 15 years of wrongful imprisonment
In the Name of Gerry Conlon In 1974, Gerry Conlon was a victim of one of the worst judicial crimes in UK history. Aged 20, he and 3 others were sentenced to life in prison for an IRA bombing. “The Guildford Four” had to wait until 1989 for the court to recognize the evidence was false. Conlon became a world-famous human rights activist. Director Lorenzo Moscia met Gerry two months before his death, recording this testament to a remarkable life.


The most populous island in Polynesia is in danger due to rising sea levels. The inhabitants of Ebeye and other Marshall Islands are in the front line of receiving the frightening effects of climate change. The speed at which these changes are occurring is realemically worrying. A call for help is shouted to governments around the world before it is too late.


The Marshall Islands are now living through climate change. Worsening storms, drought, and sea level rise may force the Marshallese to leave soon. Ebadon island , Marshalls islands. July 2023, The Marshall Islands are considered the front line that is receiving the effects of climate change. Rising sea levels could make them disappear soon. A group of engineers travel to a small island named Ebadon to build a climate laboratory that will record rising sea tempratures

Haiyan Tacloban 2013

2013 A few days after the arrival of the world’s most intense typhoon ever, I landed the first flight from Manila to Tacloban. The situation is one of total disaster.

Chile 2010 earthquake aftermath

Hurricane Matthew Haiti Deployment

2016 Report of the operation to insert water purifiers after the destruction left by Uracano Methews


IHS RF Puerto Rico Deployment 2017


Greenpeace Elba island underwater 2020

GreenPeace S.O.S plastic tour 2018

Greenpeace Mediterranean tour 2020

Greenepace Syracuse Italy 2020

Greenpeace Ischia 2019

Drone Reel

Cozumel 2019

Trailer – In the name of Gerry Conlon

A la sombra del Moai (castellano)

By the shade of the Moai (english-sub)

Cuba: Arroz con Mango

Japan Trip


cave exploring

cave diving

sorgente, water source, diving, drones

Posta Fribreno dive


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