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Rome, Italy, 1973

Lorenzo lives between Rome and Santiago de Chile,

1999 Law Degree University La Sapianza, Rome

In 2023/2012 he worked on assigments for several NGO´s such as World University Service of Canada (WUSC), Infinithium Humanitharian Systems (IHS) Roddenberry Found (U.S.A) Greenpeace Italy and Greenpeace Chile, in Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, Mexico, Marshall islands and Italy
He has made both video documentaries and photographic reportages for the  aforementioned companies.
His works have been widely published in magazines and newspapers: Mclean´s, Der Spiegel, Sunday Times, Venerdí di Repubblica,Io Donna Corriere della sera, Internazionale, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune,British Journal of Photography among others and several chilean magazines where he writes as well.
2002-2012, Greenpeace Chile.In 1999 he graduated as a lawyer at the La Sapienza University (Rome) and after a one-year training, he decided to settle in Chile, to give up law and to devote to photography.  He has won different prizes during the last decade, ranging from the United Nations (2002) to a recognition on part of the Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos de Chile (2006/2008/2013/2014/2015).  He publishes his first book of photographies, called “Luces de Rapa Nui” (“Lights of Rapa Nui) , about the inhabitants of Easter Island, in 2002.

In 2009 he publishes his second work, “Lota”, in which he portrays the hard life of the ex coal miners.
In 2010 he publishes, Campamento Esperanza, about the rescue of 33 chilean miners.
His works have been widely published.
Nowadays he is correspondent of different international agencies, Redux, Rea and Archivolatino, has specialized in investigative reporting, espeially in Latin America.  During these last years, he has developed audiovisual projects, as for instance “Arroz con Mango” , an intimate look at the Cuban reality, for which he was awarded prizes in festivals and “By the shade of the Moai” , a video to everyday life on Easter Island, for which he was also awarded prizes in national and international competitions, Hayan aftermath about the effect of the strongest typhoon ever register on earth.
His works have been exhibited in Chile, Italy and Japan.
Scuba Dive licence  Technical Decompression

Drone flight licence, non critics an critics flights.

Photography and documentary awards

2022- Audiance Award Bologna Bio Fest for In the name of Gerry Conlon

2022- Audiance Award in Life After Oil  Sardinia film Fest for Libya War on the Road

2022- Neum Underwater Film Festival for UndewaterWolrd short film.

2016-14-13 First place Chilean photojournalist awards-

2012       First Price “La Repubblica” awards. Shooting Rome

2010     -Jury Prize in Fidocs (documentary Festival of Santiago de Chile),

-Jury Prize in Festival de Viña del Mar and Latin Film Festival in

Brussels for documentary “By the shade of the Moai”.

-Best documentary in Diff Festival, Patagonia, Chile for “By the

shade of the Moai”.

2008     First place for illustrated report of Brazilian favelas in the

Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos de Costa Rica.

2008     First place with documentary “Arroz con mango” Chatwin Prize,

Genova, Italy.

2006     First place with documentary “Luci di Rapa Nui”, Chatwin Prize,

Genova, Italy.

2002     First place in the United Nations contest “Ojo con Chile”

1998     Second place in the University of Pacifico, Santiago de Chile.

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