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Marshall islands july 2019; Ebeye Island is the most popolous siland in the pacific. Ebeye island is tied with Manila as the most densely populated place on Earth. There are 15,000 souls crammed into a tiny island of only 0.14 square miles. The island is impoverished. The 900 Ebeyeans working for the US Army on nearby Kwajalein island can make $10-12 an hour, providing the main source of income. There is no tourist infrastructure whatsoever, and no tourists.Ebeye had little involvement with the outside world until German occupation starting in 1899, and then a Japanese takeover after World War One. The Imperial Japanese Navy constructed a seaplane base on Ebeye in the early 1940s. U.S. forces took the island in a bloody four-day battle known as Operation Flintlock on February 4, 1944.Before WWII, Ebeye was a small community, supporting itself through fishing. When the US started using next-door Kwajalein as a support base for the nuclear tests conducted at Bikini Atoll and Enewetak Atoll, they relocated all the Marshallese residents of Kwajalein to a small, planned community constructed on Ebeye island.